You were like a Rolls Royce and I was a Fiat 500!

By Åsa Nilsson | December 30, 2022

Already the end of the first season of More Moss to the People! Some thoughts around starting my own podcast + introducing my beloved husband to the world. 

Introverted, no space taker, not interested in being in the limelight … perfect! Let’s get him on the podcast! Even when he has the sniffles. Sorry about that in advance. 

The story of how Thomas and I met (again), fell in love (in our 40’s) and got married after the age of 50. It’s never too late to find love.

How different we both are yet how close we have become.

The guest contact info

Guest name: Thomas Kindberg

My beloved doesn’t believe in social media (isn’t that awesome?) so he doesn’t have any social media channels for you to connect with him on. Don’t worry, I have enough of them so if you want to reach out to him via mine, you are welcome to do so.

Takeaway’s from this episode:

  1. Things to think about before starting a podcast. Your why. Be ready for feedback. Get in the habit of showing up continually. 
  2. Remembering your WHY when everyone starts to share their feedback and ideas of what you need to do in your podcast.
  3. Åsa asks for your support in sharing the podcast with others you know that might need it. 
  4. Why is there a competition around “being the busiest”? It really isn’t a badge of honour.
  5. Who makes YOU come alive? For Åsa, it’s her husband Thomas.
  6. Thomas and Åsa have a laugh attack at the fact that Åsa has dragged him on this show.
  7. How did we meet? Our story starts when we were 5 and 6 years old (1973) 
  8. Met again in 1997, 1998 then in 2009. That was when the sparks flew.
  9. Thomas reveals his reason for his stress and sadness from his parents passing away tragically in 1994. 
  10. Listeners over 50, there is love out there. “You were like a Rolls Royce and I was a Fiat 500”. That’s the best quote of the entire episode. Still makes me laugh, even as I type this. 
  11. After experiencing his parents death when they were only 50, Thomas now recognizes that life goes pretty fast. If you don’t like what you are doing, change it and relax, eat a good meal, enjoy some wine…

AN IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: Please understand what it meant for Thomas to sit with me and speak like this. The death of his parents has left a huge and deep scar that will never truly heal. For him to speak and share his story with you means a great deal to us (talk about getting out of his comfort zone). 

We hope that his tragedy can help others to see that it is possible to get out from the darkness after surviving such a horrible experience. Even if it takes many years. 

Thomas sharing his story would never have happened until he became more secure in himself and understood that HIS VOICE AND STORY MATTERS TOO. ALL of our stories matter! Don’t forget it.

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