I’m Åsa Nilsson and together with my husband, Thomas Kindberg, we help people who want to bring their life into order but don’t quite know where to start and need some professional help.

Sit down for a moment and let’s talk about Swedish Death Cleaning. It’s not as morbid as it sounds, I promise.

Have you felt your busy life is chaotic and you’re drowning in “I really have to do this but don’t have the time” moments when you’re chasing for your keys rushing out of the house to work?

Have you recently lost a loved one and need support with handling the estate in your time of grief?

Do you want to bring your affairs in order because you know you’ll die one way – as we all do without exception – and don’t want to leave a mess behind for your loved ones?

Do you long for a cleaner, lighter living space but don’t know what to keep and what to get rid of – and where does it all go?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to some or all of the above, Thomas and I are the people you’ll want by your side to support you and guide you with sensitivity, empathy and gentleness through the process.,


You are not alone.

Together, we’ll go through your home, one room, one space at a time, clear out what no longer serves you and bring order into your home environment and order to your affairs with our proven method of Swedish Death Cleaning. – And no, it doesn’t involve us swinging a mop, and we are not a removal service, either!
Bringing order to chaos is our jam and we do it together with you, side by side, with you being the ultimate and sole decision maker. And we do it all around the world.
You can book us for a week or two, fly us in and we’ll spend that time together with you, transforming your home and your life, as well as giving you that much needed support and judgement-free presence to speak about the things that are often most difficult to discuss with others, especially people close to you.

What We Can Achieve Together

  • You will have more freedom and peace in your life.
  • You will have more money in your wallet and bank account because you will know what you own and stop buying duplicates of everything because you can’t find it.
  • You will have a game plan because you will have your very important documents filled out so that your loved ones know what your final wishes are.
  • You will have better, truer relationships because a part of decluttering your life ALSO includes decluttering people who are no longer part of your solution.
  • You will have better overall health because you are taking better care of your body temple.
  • Staying conscious and making better decisions through heightened awareness.
  • You will have a closer relationship with your loved ones because you are smart and share your heart with them NOW.
  • You set yourself free and possibly, in turn, set others free.
  • You will have more time on your hands because you have order in your life.
  • You will have more anti-perspirant left since you don’t blow it every morning, running around, trying to find your keys, wallet, or purse. Ha!

Who Are We?

Åsa – I was born in Sweden, raised in the USA and after many years living and working in the corporate life, I decided in 2011 to return to Sweden and find a more meaningful existence and occupation with all the skills I’ve acquired in my many years of doing business and dealing with people from all walks of life. Starting out as an internationally working life coach, I found myself evolving into what I do and love most – Swedish Death Cleaning.

Thomas – Born and bred Swedish, but also fluent in English like me, has worked many years in banking after which he switched careers to work in primary education. He is now retiring from this job and embracing life together with me as a Swedish Death Cleaner.

We don’t have formal qualifications in psychology, psychiatry, nor are we trained Shamans. BUT we do have a lifetime of acquired skills, both in dealing with businesses and caring for people’s needs, also in times of their greatest distress, that makes us uniquely qualified to best support you in your most vulnerable area of life – death. Whether it’s preparing for your own or a loved one’s or ending the chaos in your life in general to start fresh and make better and healthier life decisions. We’re here for all of it, holding space for you.


How Does It Work?

The first step is to get in touch with us and book a free discovery call. We’ll do a virtual tour of your home and decide what needs to be done and how best to do it together. If you’re happy with what we offer, you can book us by either paying half upfront and half upon arrival at your house or paying upfront in full (best value).

Economy travel and hotel reservations will be itemized and billed separately, or you can do the booking for us, if you have some extra miles or points you’d like to use. The choice is yours. As we can travel internationally to come to you, you are responsible for paying for all of our travel expenses and accommodation expenses on top of our package fee. (For clients in Sweden: you will also pay for our travel expenses and accommodations, unless you are located within an hour of Västerås.)

We stay for 2 weeks, arriving on a Friday and leave on a Saturday. We work side by side for 40 hours in your home.

We meet Monday through Friday, and you are required to be with us the entire time. We don’t work for you but with you! Taking responsibility for your own life is part of the process, as is decision making. – If that’s not you and/or you’re a hoarder, we’re definitely not for you.

The Details

We break it down into 4 Phases + Follow Up Calls

  1. Assess the current situation. Create a dream plan of what you want to accomplish in our time together based on a floor plan of the home and exterior buildings.
  2. Assess what needs to be prioritized during our time together. We have 40 hours to work together, we can get A LOT accomplished during that time.
  3. We do the work, in proper order, we stick together, and we don’t move around the home. We don’t distract ourselves with other areas. We stay on task.
  4. We finalize the spaces we determined for our time together. All items that are deemed recyclables, garbage, and donatables are moved out.


Follow Up Video Calls: We will meet VIRTUALLY on 3 x 45 minute follow up calls to follow your progress on the additional areas that you are decluttering yourself after we leave.



We will meet you for a 2-hour virtual session where we review “The Greatest Love Letter You’ll Ever Write” (we provide this packet for you). We will go over all the pieces with you, so you know how to proceed with the REST of the process for creating your peaceful, beautiful life today and ongoing.

Swedish Death Cleaning is a lifelong journey, and you will continue with it as long as you live.

Booking The Package

We can also create a bespoke package for you, depending on your individual needs.

Pay in Full

Best Value
$ 4,900
  • Includes 25% Swedish VAT Tax

Payment Options

2 payments, 1st one due at time of contract,
2nd payment due on start date
$ 2650
  • Includes 25% Swedish VAT Tax

What can you really expect…

Working with us will always be lighthearted. We love to have fun. We love to joke around. We love to eat. Åsa loves to sing. Thomas loves to drum. We love to listen. We love to share. Åsa loves to organize. We love to cook meals together for us and for you. Thomas loves to lift heavy things. We both are madly in love with animals.

Åsa loves to see the whole picture and break it down into small, bite-sized pieces. Thomas has a heart of gold and has experienced a lot of loss in his life and worked for over 25+ years in banking so he is well versed in speaking about death, sorrow, grief, financials, documentation, and planning.

We have a huge passion for traveling and meeting people from other cultures.

The conversations can be heavy at times talking about death, fears, concerns, wishes, wants… but one thing we are sure of is this… we can hold the space for you so that YOU can feel peace in your heart today. Not one day.

Life is for the living. So let’s enjoy it together.


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