Welcome to the Moss.

Listen to the whisper. It's your life calling. Calling you to come home .... to yourself.

You haven't come this far to only come this far, my friend.

We here at ‘More Moss to the People’ see it as our civic responsibility to tend to our ‘Self’ first. If we don’t take care of our selves, who will? By choosing a different path, the path less taken in a world where standing in the queue of sameness is more valued than being an authentic individual. By choosing a life that is based more on enjoying life NOW, TODAY and enjoying being your Self exactly as you are. No excuses. It’s a tough way to go … being ‘different’ . Until it isn’t. Until it can be nothing else.

With so much love,



Cool conversations with people who have opted out of the rat race.

By Åsa Nilsson

What if we didn't need to add on more to have more?
What if we actually needed to remove 'things' so we could FEEL more?

It’s time to re-connect.

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