Life after the Great Reassessment. “There’s nothing very serious happening here”.

By Åsa Nilsson | Jun 28, 2024

Alexis is a beautiful soul who feels deeply. She has a gentle knowing of what’s to come and is confident that everything will work out.

Even when caring for her dying parents, experiencing an anxiety attack while driving through the mountains of North Carolina with two children in the back seat, or bearing the burden and shame of her mother’s alcoholism, Alexis maintains her faith and resilience.

Join us as we discuss what Alexis’ life looks like today. We’ll explore her journey through shame, the importance of kindness, having hard conversations, embracing ‘lightness,’ feeling isolated, grieving alone, the impermanence of everything, finding joy in the next moment, and staying present.

She is deeply connected to her highest truth, and the gentle stillness of her being is heartwarming.

We hope you enjoy our chat.


GUEST:  Dr. Alexis Yamokoski


  • Seeking lightness, finding peace, connecting to her true self. 
  • 3 years ago the Big Reset. Why? 
  • Slow. Grow. Flow. Glow. Alexis mantra.
  • The ultimate awakening after her anxiety attack in the mountains of NC
  • “Reflection of how I lived in the identity of my career.”
  • Growth mindset. Change is uncomfortable, the outcome is outstanding.
  • Tuning in to the prompts around change.
  • Recognizing how temporary everything is.
  • Grounding in authentically connecting with herself now.
  • Her personal mission as a social change agent inspiring new perspectives.
  • Defying social constructs, finding different ways of living. 
  • Bringing in hospice for her dad and tricking her mom, Alexis needed help.
  • Shame and secrets around her moms death and the isolation Alexis felt. 
  • “Never talked about it.” Alexis is a firm believer of encouraging open, honest conversations.
  • Having tough conversations, even through discomfort.
  • Sandwich generation. Advocating for others.
  • “There’s nothing very serious happening here”. 
  • Her fan: False belief: Life is serious and I need to be serious. New belief: “Being lighter feels good”. 
  • It’s possible to feel joy and sad heartache at the same time.
  • “I don’t want her to carry the shame and secrets.” (her daughter) We are the chain breakers!


Pauley’s Island is in South Carolina (I fact checked it. Ha). 

Dr. Brene Brown


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