The all is in the small, my friend.
Small moments. Small details.
That's where life is. Waiting for you.

No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted. - Aesop

Hi there, my name is Åsa. Welcome. 

You might be wondering why this ‘movement’ came to be. What inspired it?

A simple video that I put out on my Instagram channel in 2021 where I was sitting on the moss in a Swedish forest talking about life.

Important Side Note: The forest is my go-to place for grounding my body, talking to God, and connecting to the soil, the trees, and the moss.

A conversation between my friend Angela and I on Voxer about the deep need that we both felt about wanting to slow down and how could we give ourselves the permission we needed to connect with ourselves more? And how could we care less about what others thought of us for that choice? 

Deep stuff. Good stuff.

I know that I don’t want to waste another single minute focusing my life’s blood on anything other than creating and designing a life that I am super proud of living. 

What about you? 

Asking ourselves the tough questions of how can we choose to actively participate in our own well being by slowing down the pace. How do we choose ourselves first? We can not help others if we do not put our own mask on first. 

I love to learn new ways to do ‘old’ things and see how I can slow my roll so I can be more present in this moment.

Living a life with more intentionality.

Are you up for slowing down too? Then let’s see where this movement will take us.

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