Travel. I didn’t know there was something I was meant to be afraid of.

By Åsa Nilsson | Jun 7, 2024

Meet Kate. A globe trotting entrepreneur who is living out of a suitcase. Literally.  She has no ‘home’ of her own, by choice. 

Saying she is living a paired down lifestyle wouldn’t give this sweet gal justice. 

Listen in as she shares her journey with us and why she chooses to be a digital nomad while being the BEST pet sitter anyone could ever ask for. All while running her international consulting company from wherever in the world she might be at the moment. 

Seeing the world through Kate’s eyes will OPEN yours. And I don’t know about you but I am looking more for points of connection rather than polarization.

Join us on the ride, won’t you? 

GUEST: Kate Visconti


  • How we met.
  • Found Kate again via a post she made on LinkedIn describing how she lives her life today.
  • Eternal enthusiast who is always seeking adventure. 
  • CEO/Founder of Five to Flow, history of her starting it up.
  • The life of a true digital nomad.
  • What’s the most difficult part of not having your own ‘home’? 
  • Building resiliency, treating her experience like an experiment. 
  • Learning so much about the polarization of the world by traveling so much.
  • What has Kate discovered about how people load their dishwashers? 
  • Finding points of connection. 
  • Do you ever dream that all of your belongings will capsize on a boat and you have to start over with the insurance money too? 🙂 
  • Kate is looking for a villa in Tuscany that needs a dog sitter. Perhaps you know of someone?
  • Five to Flow + Getting lost in nature. How are those two tied together? 
  • Promoting how to help people be more productive by being out in nature more.
  • Working less time, having boundaries in place, taking breaks, breathing more, resetting the brain. This creates a more productive workplace. YAAASSS! 
  • Enjoy the outdoors, not just on vacation. 
  • 5 of Cups card in Tarot. What does the V (Roman numeral 5) mean to Kate. 
  • Kate is also looking for a partner to share her life with. (I love that she mentioned this with complete unabashedness. She is a badass.)
  • What phrase does Kate ask her cab and Uber drivers to teach her? 
  • “Living vicariously through me. Why vicariously?” 
  • “I didn’t know there was something I was meant to be afraid of”. (traveling)
  • Why has Kate opted to stay longer in some areas the past 2 years?


Therese has a new fabulous SHOW capturing her year in Spain on YouTube. Find her channel link below.


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