Where did the idea behind the More Moss to the People movement originate?

By Åsa Nilsson | November 11, 2022

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  1. I’m starting my Saturday morning sloowly, listening to your first podcast episode, and I’m just breathing and smiling. You’re a phenomenal speaker Åsa! (Though I knew it!)
    Your energy is beautiful, and it’s like listening to a good and honest friend. Who is not afraid to talk about the mistakes we make in life, with whom we can see the bigger picture and then laugh and understand yet another lesson we just got from life. With whom we can collect these gold nuggets together.
    I’m so happy you’re creating this podcast, I’m really looking forward to listening more, to conversations with people who are living a more simple life, walking on their own path (in the moss).
    Greetings from my own silent forest!

    1. Thank you, Meri, for supporting me in this new phase of my life. I am absolutely positive that I have just started down a very exciting path… with the highest of hopes of making a difference on a global level. You are such an inspirational sister, one who actually reflects on life and tends to herself and her surroundings with respect. I would love to share you with the world (my one follower :)). Would you ever consider being a guest on the show? I would love for others to be inspired by you too. Let me know. Love you. Åsa

  2. I enjoyed listening to your first episode Åsa and I found it quite powerful, especially in these times when so much is going on. Having just come out of a pandemic (or maybe we’re still in it), so many people feel stuck and trapped. Your conversation is a clear example that with a change in mindset, no matter our location, we can slow down, pause and ‘feel the moss’! What you said on here resonates with me. I had to completely change my mindset to get through the last 16 months. Despite what we went through as a family and are still going through, I choose to live my life in gratitude, love, light and joy and to ‘feel the moss’ every day, even on the days when it’s horrible. Because of this, I have so far managed to turn negative situations into positive ones. Would you believe it, this has brought me so much joy! It was also great hearing about your background/upbringing 😊. Looking forward to the coming episodes – I’ve added your podcast to my Apple podcast library! 👏🏽❤️

    1. Debbie, thank you for listening, sweet friend! Our stories are what BIND us together, not separate us. I believe there are more likenesses than differences and when we focus on sharing a simple truth about how we lived, how we walked through it (and are walking through it) with others we can ALL grow. Quieting down in these times of craziness … and connecting and collecting ourselves back to what is important for US… that’s going to be a part of the Collective solution. There is so much goodness waiting for us, always, if we only choose to see it. Big love from Sweden and I look forward to you sharing more of your thoughts as we move along.

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