By Åsa Nilsson | Jan 26, 2024

There is something happening inside of me and I am not sure what it is but it feels like freedom is knocking. A coldness is dissipating into a warmness. A shell is cracking open and a flicker of light is shining in and it feels good. It feels like love.

What would love do? Does this look like love to me? Does this feel like love to me? If I truly want to share my love and heart with the world, then I can’t compartmentalise it any more. 

Old patterns that are meant to be broken. By me and only me. Taking accountability for myself and my actions and my stories. 

Otherwise they’ll be back yet again (and again).

What would love want to tell YOU today? 

Host: Åsa Nilsson

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  • Good to be back in Sweden. Will I ever move back to the US?
  • What is love? 
  • Looking for the exit door.
  • Disconnected from myself. Choosing to stay safe.
  • I’ve been the difficult one. 
  • Choose to show up with my heart wide open now. 
  • Love, what do you want me to know today? 
  • Responsibility to know everything. Have all the answers. Patterns.
  • I am not enough, a recurring theme. Overcompensating.
  • Helping people for free, that’s a self worth problem.
  • How about embracing a beginners mindset instead, release the pressure valve.
  • Stay curious. Ask questions.CEO actions.
  • Trust that everything I need will be shown to me. It always has. TRUST.
  • Those that don’t believe in magic will never find it.
  • Allowing myself to accept love, be loved, process grief, hurts, shame, vulnerabilities.
  • There’s no limit to love.
  • Love myself first and most. THEN go out to the world and share from that place.

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