What lie has to die for a truth to be born?

By Åsa Nilsson | May 05, 2023

Summary of Episode: What if the work of self realization never stops? What if you think you have ‘this down’ only to find your truth is leaking out someplace else? Our truths always come out … either intentionally or unintentionally. 

Listen in while I share what I have now discovered about my own people pleasing ways and how it’s rearing its head in my podcasting. 

I promise. I will keep revealing my truths to you so that you KNOW you are not alone. None of us are. We grow together and this movement is for all of us.

Host Name: Åsa Nilsson

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Takeaway’s from this episode:

  1.  Thank you for listening and being along on this movement/ journey with me. 
  2. Here I am… people pleasing, showing all signs of codependency, back bending, self abandoning… AGAIN! I thought I was done with that! HA!
  3. Time to re-read ‘Boundary Boss’! 
  4. My co dependency has re-surfaced in another way now, my podcasting. 
  5. You need my help? Magical words to me. 
  6. Me looking at the time and worrying about you, the listener, not having the time to listen in on a long episode so I push along and think I know what your needs are when I have absolutely NO IDEA what your needs are. Only YOU do. 
  7. The behaviour pattern of co-dependency. “Our family, like many families, was a perfect storm of covert communication and emotional dysfunction. My parents both came from families that avoided open discussions about anything painful or problematic. And there’s the heart of the matter: ineffective communications skills lead to weak or disordered boundary skills.” – Terri Cole, Boundary Boss, pg. 17. 
  8. I grew up and still am the peacemaker. Over compensated for the lack of effective communication the only way I knew how, by distracting and deflecting the problems. 
  9. “My cracks are being revealed to me”. 
  10.  “I therapized myself.”
  11. “ This podcast is helping me to heal”.
  12.  How to feel and become free?  What am I willing to give up in order to be free? 
  13. I don’t have the answers. Nope, I sure don’t. 
  14. What do you KEEP saying you’re going to do, ‘one day’. That day is now. Speak the truth. “If I have a truth, will I dare to share it?” Only you can answer that… as much as I’d like to answer it FOR you (haha) but I truly do want you to discover that for yourself. Then share it.

Mentioned in this episode:

Boundary Boss, Terri Cole. https://boundarybossbook.com/

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