What I have learned after *just* 5 months as a Podcaster

By Åsa Nilsson | April 14, 2023

Photo: November 11, 2022. The day we launched ‘More Moss to the People’ the  website and the podcast. Pictured: Arian Parsi, Åsa Nilsson and Komeil Asli.

Summary of Episode: After 5 months and 1000 ‘official’ downloads of the podcast, I have created a Signature System for every single episode (with the help of Komeil, of course)! This helps with the organization of all of the steps and keeps me on track with being able to deliver a product to the market that is seamless and easy to enjoy. 

Perhaps there is a place in your life where you can apply these tips or to see a possibility/dream from another perspective? 

“Based on how your life is right now, what is predictable about the course you are on?” Think about it. You don’t want to be predictable, do you? Nahhhh.

Host Name: Åsa Nilsson

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Takeaway’s from this episode:

  1. Based on your life right now, what is predictable about the course you are on? 
  2. Are you waiting for a miracle or are you ready to create one?
  3. The universe wants to help us but WE have to help us. 
  4. 5 months ago I started the podcast, over 1000 downloads and I couldn’t have done it alone. Thanks to Komeil Asli!! 
  5. Why am I so comfortable in front of a camera? Well, it started 50 years ago… 
  6. Looking at myself. Understanding what I need. Slowing myself down. Manage my own breath, actions and reactions. 
  7. Sharing our tales of woes. We are not alone.
  8. 50% of my listeners are in the US, 27% are in Sweden, the other 23% are in 26 other countries. WOW! Amazing to be able to reach people all over the world. 
  9. Even though I have never had a podcast before I HAVE run a business for 6 years and have been working in businesses since I was 20. I have now created  a Signature System for my podcast.
  10. The time to build relationships is NOW, not when you need someone. Start connecting with other people on social media that you admire, connect with them, reach out, respond to their posts, engage with them, introduce yourself. Help them, share their stuff with your market (and ALWAYS only do this with integrity, never to get something in return). 
  11. Listen in for my step by step of what I do for every podcast episode. Now that I have enough episodes under my belt, I now have a rhythm to how this works. Of course with the help of the angel Komeil Asli. 
  12. I am not as interested in the number of downloads as I am about the ENGAGEMENT of the listeners. 
  13. Some thoughts of things I would still like to implement in the podcast in the future (and I need help doing this). Remember, we don’t have to do this all alone!! (snippet videos, batching videos, adding an advertiser in the future that is aligned with my values). 
  14. My favourite question I get, *How do you earn money?* I don’t, this COSTS me money. This is an investment in my movement and future. 
  15. Final tip. Get your legs under you. Create consistency. Your audience (and potential backers) need to know they can count on you to show up every week, month, whatever so they know YOU are in it for the long haul, not just till you get bored. Get your bearings. 
  16. Collaboration of it all. How can you apply these lessons in your life right now?

Mentioned in this episode:

Komeil Asli – my Podcast Production Manager

Angel Statzer – my co-hort in coming up with the movement, More Moss to the People

Acast my podcast host. Swedish company. 

Zoom, where I host my interviews with my guests. 

Skype, where I sometimes have meetings with Komeil and other potential guests.

Contact Information for Komeil Asli,  Podcast Production Manager.

Freelance Graphic designer, UI/UX Designer and Front-end Developer.

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