“We leave our message behind, not our mess.”

By Åsa Nilsson | Apr 19, 2024

I spent all last week working with my ‘Ray of Sunshine’ on Phase 2 of getting him completely moved out of his Stockholm apartment so he can relocate back to the US.

The trust that Ray gives me, and the “free hands” to work in my own way to create the end result which he needed … makes me come alive. 

Makes me sweat too, don’t think it’s all roses. 

There is an underlying pressure I still put on myself which I recognize when I “have” to rely on others. And when I start feeling like something is going sideways, how can I react in a way that is better suited rather than losing sleep over it? 

I can start with gratitude (and having back ups for everything!). Saying ‘thank you’ to those people and myself more. When I do this, I feel myself becoming lighter. I feel my energy becoming brighter. I can feel more creative. Immediately. Saying the words to myself, “Have fun with this, Åsa. It will all work out. Trust others to show up and do what they promised.” 

Trust. Trust. Trust. Working on it. #progressnotperfection



Host: Åsa Nilsson

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  • So much gratitude goes out to my VILLAGE of people that supported and helped me this week. 
  • Ray, Thomas,Tim, Mike, Thais, charitable organizations, Facebook Marketplace, TipTapp app.
  • Swedish Death Cleaning versus Decluttering what is the difference?
  • Ongoingness of Swedish Death Cleaning. Assigning names to things now.
  • Don’t give your problems to someone else. 
  • “We leave our message behind, not our mess”. 
  • Follow up and follow through with people and organizations that promise to help you.
  • Having back ups for everything and why that’s important.
  • The BENEFITS of death cleaning and decluttering.
  • Breaking ancestral chains by removing items that have remained due to guilt and shoulds.
  • Your loved ones are not your things. 
  • I share some tips for starting this work yourself in your own home.

Mentioned in this episode:

  • Charitable organizations: Stadsmissionen Stockholm, Myrorna Stockholm,  Agape SecondHand
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • TipTapp app for pick ups and drop offs in and around Stockholm

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