Uncovering Maslow’s Pyramid and seeing what basic needs of mine are still not filled.

By Åsa Nilsson | Nov 24, 2023

Ahhh, family time! Thanksgiving week in the USA! 

This week I am looking in the proverbial mirror (yet again) to see what it is that is “triggering” me into childhood responses. 

When put to the “test”, will I DO better? 

After my sister introduced me to Abraham Maslow’s Pyramid of the 5 Core Needs which form the basis for human behavioural motivation, I see I am missing a few of the ‘core’ pieces. 

Not for nothing, right? This is divine timing to be presented with Maslow, especially when I am witnessing the recurrence of mistrust and not feeling safe. 

How can I see myself with an honest and gentle eye AND be thankful for everything I have that fills me? 

What we look for we find. 

I want to continue uncovering my old patterning so I can remember what is mine to work on and what is to be left behind. For good.

Host Name: Åsa Nilsson

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  • Thomas is here for the next two weeks. Family coming in. Thanksgiving celebrations.
  • Dynamics, triggers. Acting out sideways. Reverting back to old actions and reactione? Something in each one of them. 
  • Safety and Security… trust is a big issue for me.
  • “Looking for the good in others then I remember the good in myself. 
  • What am I willing to do about the missing pieces in my foundation? What is mine to do? 
  • Recognizing more quickly the ‘Old Åsa’ the ‘Ugly Åsa’. What’s the mirror? What do I need to see?
  • “I am a work in progress and this is the journey of my life.”s.
  • Am I doing the best I can? Probably not. 
  • Abraham Maslow, Hierarchy of Needs.
  • The 5 core needs: Physiological, Safety, Belonging, Esteem, Self Actualization.
  • Anything missing in mine to fix.

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