Therese Eriksson’s journey to FREEDOM with her Full Time Female Solo Van Life

By Åsa Nilsson | May 17, 2024

Therese is a Swedish videographer that packed up her life, split from her hubby, took her cat and jumped in her converted van and moved down to Spain. 

A year ago!! WAHH!! 

Therese stands for FREEDOM, PEACE, AND COMMUNITY. Just like we do here at ‘More Moss to the People’ and she has grown into a more ‘in tune’ and aligned version of herself this past year. 

You have to follow along  to hear why she chose to leave, how she chose to do it, what was the backstory and what is her life’s dream that drives it all. 

You will see that not only is Therese creating from the vision she once only held in her mind’s eye, she is now sharing it WITH THE WORLD on her beautiful YouTube channel so we can also learn about the lands and cultures and beautiful people she is getting to encounter. 

If you can’t find it, create it. YES!

We are the lucky ones.

GUEST: Therese Eriksson


  • What prompted Therese to move away? 
  • Everything she owns is in one car now. 
  • I am free. 
  • I haven’t missed any of my things 
  • Feels freeing to own less things. Not as much weighing her down. 
  • Gratitude comes from the small things, warm showers, peeing in a toilet.
  • Less stress and anxiety, watching sunsets and sunrises with her new van friends.
  • What does she and her van friends have in common? 
  • What difference in mentality has she noticed in the Swedes since returning? 
  • Feeling her feelings more now. More present and aware and allowing herself to take the time to process her emotions. 
  • Not occupying her mind while staying busy and productive and attached to what society considers valuable any more.
  • Created a show on her YouTube channel where she shares her love and passion for traveling and other cultures. 
  • ”Today we are so polarized. In order to have peace we have to have understanding.”
  • ”With understanding comes love and peace”. 
  • What is Therese dreaming of experiencing and where is she dreaming of traveling to next? 
  • Therese tips on reducing your time on social media. 
  • How does she reward herself after having a tough period?


Therese has a new fabulous SHOW capturing her year in Spain on YouTube. Find her channel link below.


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