There’s never been a better time to be in the now than now.

By Åsa Nilsson | Dec 08, 2023

Finding myself in a place of understanding the truth and importance of Swedish death cleaning for my own life and seeing my own story and my own family from a new perspective, I see that the actual ACT of cleaning the home isn’t the ‘work’. 

The true work is the conversations that come OUT of the decluttering and touching everything we have held on so tightly to.

Yes, they are my belongings, but WHAT are they to me? 

‘Be’ ‘longing’ … what am I ‘longing’ for? What’s the purpose and function of the thing that I MUST keep? Why does it mean so much? Who told me it meant so much?

Maybe they are simply THINGS that signify a memory that means something. Perhaps it is the reason WHY these things have even found their way into my home to begin with?

Our lineage. Our family ancestry. The importance of belongings and showing of wealth depending on how MUCH you had and what is actually yours and not yours. 

Old stories. Carried intentionally and unintentionally through the ages.

I am a chain breaker. I don’t want to ‘have’ belongings to be-long. No and I don’t need to. 

Neither do you. 

Have the conversations. Now. Don’t delay. 

I love you.


Host Name: Åsa Nilsson

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  • What’s my pull behind Swedish death cleaning? My why?
  • Having conversations about things that matter. Now.
  • This is a part of my life path, being able to have these difficult and beautiful discussions. 
  • My Akashic reading question about my mother
  • Be available, be vulnerable, share your truths.
  • The story behind my fathers cancer diagnosis and 2 months to live.
  • Never heard the words I love you. Finally, broke him down.
  • What if we are the chain breakers? 
  • Understanding what is mine to do.
  • Where do you need to open your beautiful heart? Where can you forgive? Ask forgiveness? Say I love you? 
  • Getting good and clean with yourself first. 
  • Giving AND receiving. That is love. 
  • No more pleasing people before or at the expense of my own happiness.
  • Where does freedom lie? Inside only.

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