“The Point of Power is Always in the Present Moment” – Louise Hay

By Åsa Nilsson | Dec 01, 2023

After nearly 8 weeks in the US to be with my beautiful mother to “help” her, I discover (yet again) that the healing that comes from leading with love will always be a full circle accomplishment.  

My mom couldn’t care less if her garage was straight. Or if her basement was tidy. She doesn’t get pressed by such unimportant things. 

What she DOES care about is having her family close to her.

I see now that a part of my life’s path was leading me to this very moment in time. That I was meant to come here to discover that  my love of organizing and Swedish Death Cleaning is simply a piece of a much deeper meaning of my existence. 

I KNOW I am good at those things but what I am ALSO good at is having tough conversations … with others … however, not necessarily my own family of origin. 

But through COMING OUT on the podcast last week and sharing with YOU how I feel, it was the impetus I needed to start having those harder conversations that lie so close to the heart. The conversations with family, the place where it all started. 

My healing is up to me and I am so thankful for finding my book in the basement, “You Can Heal Your Life” (Louise Hay) and being re-minded that my healing is MY responsibility.

I never would have discovered this had I not left my home to come here to “help” my mom. 

Ha, she did it again, that little minx. Full circle moment. I just love those, don’t you?

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  • 7,5 weeks here in the US, what have I learned?
  • “Inte skall väl jag” – Swedish saying. What does it mean?
  • Swedish death cleaning, travel to help my own ageing mother. 
  • Sit down with an estate attorney. Fix paperwork, talk through everything.
  • Something done is better than nothing done. 
  • Will, Power of Attorney, Health Power of Attorney, Do Not Resuscitate, all of it. Start! 
  • “You can fight over it when I’m dead.”. No, that IS not going to happen. 
  • Talking over memories and seeing how not one of us remember the same thing. Perspectives. 
  • Creating something new in my life NOW, in real time, by having hard conversations NOW. Work through the discomfort. 
  • Through getting out of my everyday routine, I experienced something beautiful and new.
  • I thought I came to help my mother. It ended up that I also came to heal myself. 
  • Do I feel 100% in all areas of my life? Hell no! 
  • Fight, flight, freeze and fawn (Mark Groves), I have fled and fawned when feeling pushed. 
  • I believe we are here to work through what we keep pushing off. 
  • If I make myself invisible through self abandonment then who am I in the world? 
  • It’s a new day. Mindfulness practice. What can that look like?
  • I want to look for myself as a part of something, not separate from everything.

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