The Alchemy of the Soul

By Åsa Nilsson | June 16, 2023

Stevie Calista is a magician, in my humble opinion. She is this gentle soul that finds new ways of looking at old + powerful systems and she sees and SHOWS YOU your patterns through the magical world of astrology. 

In fact, she will help you understand yourself on such a deep level that you can’t help but to love ALL of your parts, even the quirky ones. 

Especially the quirky ones.

Guest Name: Stevie Calista

Guest contact Information: 


  • Stevie lives in Asheville NC and is a Soul Blueprint Alchemist, Astrologer, Silversmith,  Mamma, + Gardener. Just to name a few.
  • Stevie did my 2nd Birth Chart reading. Helped me to understand my quirkiness.
  • She helps people shortcut, map and understand themselves more. 
  • She helps people discover their own keys to getting their own information. 
  • Growing up Stevie had a hard time having someone else be the authority over her (me too!). 
  • Her goal was freedom and having her own business was a way for her to have that. 
  • Out of nowhere Stevie was called to study astrology, that’s when she discovered Debra Silverman. Watch her funny YouTube videos on all of the astrological signs, here’s Åsa’s in Cancer
  • Moon cycles, planetary cycles, Sun cycles. 
  • Stevie gives some tips on things you can do to keep track of your own cycles and patterns.
  • When Stevie was 15 years old she was diagnosed with bone cancer, her journey with that. 
  • What Stevie believes about balance. 
  • Shadow work and what that means to Stevie. 
  • All of our parts are accepted and invited to the table.
  • Venus Retrograde coming up and what does that entail. 
  • This summer’s invitation to slow down + re-evaluate everything. Have fun.
  • “Play is productive.”

 I agree, Stevie. Hence I am taking the month of July off. It’s time to refill my tank, ask myself the Why’s of the Moment, do I feel free, realign myself with my desires and values and come back happier and more free than ever.

Big love, ya’ll! See you in August!


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