Returning to your home frequency with Human Design

By Åsa Nilsson | March 24, 2023

Yvonne is a de-conditioning expert, a dream architect, a practical mystic AND a coach leading her life by a very intentional design … her Human Design (Projector). 

By discovering her own unique access point in the Universal current,  she is now living in harmony WITH her Dao. Ahhhh. Don’t you also want that?!

The guest contact info

Guest name: Yvonne Chung

Go to her website to find out about Yvonne’s amazing new 12 week immersion offer called FREQUENCY (partnering with Ellen Wong).

Takeaway’s from this episode:

  1. The power of connection and relationship. How Yvonne and I got connected to each other. It was kismet. 
  2. As a child of immigrants how she chooses to live a life using her gifts when it could be *easier* to be what everyone else wants her to be. 
  3. Truth bumps. What are they? 
  4. What happens when we surrender the intellect to our intuition? 
  5. Human Design is Astrology on Steroids, its the operating system for your energetic anatomy.
  6. Use Human Design to understand how to stop swimming upstream and instead start flowing with your river. Work with your energy instead of against it.
  7. With your birth time, date, location you can get a Human Design Body Chart created.
  8. 5 different types: Manifestors, Generators, Manifesting Generators, Projectors and Reflectors. 
  9. The Big 3 of Human Design: your access point to unlock ease in your life: Knowing your Type, Strategy and Authority. Without knowing these 3 everything else is pointless. Start with these. 
  10. Generators & Manifesting Generators need to trust their magnetism. Their Strategy is to wait to respond. 
  11. Projectors strategy is to wait. Wait to be invited. 
  12.  Yvonne learned to pay attention to the breadcrumbs of the invitations that were coming her way, but she feels she may not have seen them had she not started down her path of discovering (her) Human Design.
  13. Teaches about yourself in the context of the Collective. A micro and macro view. 
  14.  Ra Uru Hu, The Science of Differentiation. How different we are all meant to be. We are not meant to homogenize.
  15. We are conditioned into a homogenized culture then we need to de-condition to step into our differentiation. My differentiation serves the world. YES!!!! 
  16. De-conditioning takes 7 years. 
  17. Yvonne goes through a sample of Åsa’s Human Design chart.

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