Love the life you have and live a life you love.

By Åsa Nilsson | April 21, 2023

Meet the woman behind the concept that “meditation is falling in love with life”. The woman whose SUPER POWER it is to LOVE everyone in the room. The woman that collects hearts all over the world (what you look for you find, am I right)? 

Come meet this beautiful soul and let her re-mind you how precious every single day truly is and how to re-member that everything really does always work out for us.

Guest Name: Marcie Hirschie 

Guest contact Information: 

Takeaway’s from this episode:

  1. Meditation is falling in love with life.
  2. Allowing the universe to court you with your senses. 
  3. “We are spiritual beings having a human experience” – Abraham Hicks 
  4. Different types of ways to experience meditation.
  5. Marcie and her sis help people find their super powers.
  6. Takes 18-254 days to break a habit. 
  7. “It is what is”… what does this mean to Marcie?
  8. JoAnn and Marcie decided to move to Florence, Italy for 2 months, how did that plan become a reality?
  9. They set a date and made the ‘commitment’. That’s when the magic started to unfold. 
  10. Marcie’s super power is to love everyone in the room.
  11. Discuss co-dependency and not being able to decide for herself what she wanted to eat.  Worried about making the ‘wrong’ choice. 
  12. Wake up call… my thoughts create my feelings. This master thought that guides us. Practice it, show up and let go of the worry. 
  13. Marcie’s ‘Word of the Year’ in 2020 was LOVE + the phrase ‘Everything always works out for me’ (Abraham Hicks) changed everything.
  14. Choose to see how can I turn this into something positive? Reconnecting us to the power of choice.

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