Life’s too short to think too much.

By Åsa Nilsson | May 24, 2024

As a self professed ‘overthinker’, I have been training myself little by little over these past few years to see things differently. To experience life from other perspectives and it has helped me to find MY joy. To re-member that FEELING IN will help me discover my truest purpose much quicker than over analyzing and ripping myself apart ever will. 

Mental wellness for me comes when I am not in stress. 

How do I keep myself out of stress? I live my life with my Top 3 Core Values front and center at all times. 

Peace. Freedom. Community. 

Do you know what yours are? If not, you also may be able to alleviate some unnecessary burdens in your life once you discover them and start living by them.

And if you are feeling unwell, physically, emotionally, spiritually…. please get help. Ask. Reach out a hand and do everything you can to take care of YOU. 

We are not alone. 



Host: Åsa Nilsson

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  • Had my (our) first ever Sales Page designed and created for More Moss.Less Mess.
  • Komeil Asli, Arian Parsi of A/P Design 
  • Mental Health Awareness month, May
  • I went to Stockholm for the day yesterday to help Ray for the final time.
  • Always have backups when doing death cleaning work. 
  • Our sales offer, go check it out on our new sales page! Link below!
  • Google Podcasts going away in June. Go subscribe instead on Apple or Spotify or wherever else podcasts are found. 
  • This summer, taking July as my RADICAL SABBATICAL from podcasting. Will be uploading previous episodes every week, top listened to, most watched, etc. 
  • What does Mental Wellness look like for me? What makes you feel unwell?
  • My brain overworking. Stopping the stories. My needs. My wants. 
  • Top 3 CORE VALUES of my life are Peace, Freedom, and Community. How does this all tie together? 
  • Last week we had @20 people helping us to create all of the things we needed help with. I am learning to ask and ACCEPT HELP! 
  • Moving my plants outside for the summer. Neat and tidy! 
  • When I don’t act in accordance with my values, i am out of alignment and that causes dis-ease in me. 
  • Thomas and I are now calling ourselves ‘Healers of the Clutter Wound’. 🙂

Mentioned in this episode:

  • Komeil Asli + Arian Parsi A/P Design
  • Tommy Nässling, photographer
  • Therese Eriksson, Drone video,
  • Mental Health Awareness Month, May 2024 
  • Our new sales page can be found on our website under the More Moss. Less Mess tab.
  • Sandy Michel,

Contact Information for Komeil Asli,  Podcast Production Manager.

Freelance Graphic designer, UI/UX Designer and Front-end Developer.

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