How discovering numerology and changing her name made Novalee Wilder come alive.

By Åsa Nilsson | April 28, 2023

“Spirituality should validate, not alienate”. – Novalee Wilder

Experiencing life through frequencies and numbers is exactly what Novalee Wilder, professional numerologist, does, today. Her life wasn’t always like this though. 

In this episode we discussed everything from the different systems of numerology to name changes and how you can use the numbers of your birth day and birth year to see what your soul wanted to explore in this lifetime. 

Sit back, relax, and enjoy learning more about Novalee and yourself.

Guest Name: Novalee Wilder 

Guest contact Information: 

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Takeaway’s from this episode:

  1. Every podcast appearance is a rehearsal for Oprah. 
  2. Didn’t feel safe to express herself in her family of origin. 
  3. Numerology connected her creativity with her intuition.
  4. “The only mistake I can make is to limit myself”. 
  5. Pythagorean vs Chaldean Systems of Numerology.
  6. How numbers are assigned.
  7. Chaldean system is a more complex system and takes years of working 1:1 with teachers.
  8. The Top Two most important NUMBERS to know: 
    • Your First Base Number, which is the digit sum of the day you were born without adding the month or year. The digit sum of just the day. Ex. My birthday is the 17th of July. So I add 1 + 7 = This is my First Base Number. If your birthday is 5 or 9 then you use that number since it is already a single digit.
    • Your Second Base Number is the digit sum of the YEAR you are born. Ex.        My birth year is 1967. So I add 1 + 9 + 6 + 7 = 23. Reducing it to a single digit sum 2+3 = 5. So my second base number is 5. Get it?
  9. All the systems connect to the core truth of you.
  10. Novalee tests new systems all the time to see how they correspond with Numerology and her lived experience. Everything comes back to Numerology and numbers, even Feng Shui.
  11. Tarot is the tool that has been around the longest. Make sure you check the traditional meanings of the cards since some of them have changed over time. 
  12. Name vibrations and name changes. 
  13. Novalee’s story about how she decided to change her name through a Numerologist. “I changed my name and it changed my life”. 
  14. “Spirituality should validate not alienate”.  
  15. Legacy she wants to leave behind. Through her Numerology School she discusses ‘‘Queering Numerology’. We need to be gentle and sensitive to others. “Be careful touching it or putting a label on it”.

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