By Åsa Nilsson | Feb 09, 2024

From being away from my home, in a city I don’t live in, with few connections and no car… what was I to do when my new DEATH CLEANING client, who is a 93 year old dynamo, and who has more energy and stamina than I’ve ever had… says on day one that he wants to work quickly and get as much done as possible in our time together?!

Piles were stacking up fast and I had no place to put all the things and my car wasn’t arriving till Saturday. 

And when it would arrive, not 1/10th of the stuff would fit. 

So, what’s a girl to do? 

PIVOT! Take action. Don’t spend too much time thinking, just do. 

Something! Anything! 

By releasng the pressure valve where necessary (no podcast episode last week) and ASKING FOR HELP of others. And letting go of the yucky GOTTA DO IT ALL MYSELF. 

Because really… I couldn’t do it alone!!

And, thank God, I didn’t need to.

Help is all around us. All we have to do is open our eyes and hearts.

Host: Åsa Nilsson

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  • My inability to not be able to hack the pressure around getting it ALL done.
  • Swedish death cleaning for a total stranger in their home and creating an impromptu process due to things going so much faster than I expected took some quick thinking. 
  • Åsa, go with your ‘Beginner’s mind’, remember? 
  • Saw quickly that the time it takes to create a podcast episode and everything that has to go around it to be uploaded by Friday was freaking me out. I couldn’t do it all. And once I saw that was what I was trying to do, I let it go.
  • Saying ‘no’ rocks. Set me up for an excellent week so I could be present instead! 
  • Giving myself permission to say No.
  • It’s not going to work for ME. Big steps here. 
  • Physical labour is hard! 
  • Mistake of improper shoes.
  • Compartmentalizing, piles, creating space. 
  • What did our week look like? 
  • Schedule, supplies, eating, drinking water, sitting down to eat.
  • Layers of clothing.
  • Tending to MYSELF every morning to start my day off right. Walking around Stockholm. Posted photos every day on my FB and IG page
  • Checking in to see how the client is feeling, any stories, stopping for stories, tears, AND silence.
  • One decision maker.
  • GOD moments of the week. 
  • Renting a car or truck.
  • Stranger in someone’s home, can I be trusted? Tested a few times. 
  • Take photos as you go to see your progress. 
  • Tip money. 
  • If you need help with your death cleaning or decluttering, please reach out. I am available again in April. I work 1:1 virtually for consultation or physically to work with you in your home. I also travel internationally.

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