From modeling in LA to waitressing in NYC, what can a 21 year old possibly teach us old folks? HA! Just you wait.

By Åsa Nilsson | Dec 22, 2023

I’ve known Lilly since she was a wee lass.  I haven’t seen her in over 12 years and WOW is she is making her mark in this world. 

How can a 21 year old be so wise?!

Her wisdom makes her a perfect guest for ‘More Moss’ as she shares easily how she chooses to navigate a life through true authenticity and accountability.

After leaving North Carolina at 19 to move to Los Angeles to model she quickly found herself in a dark place. 

She chose to come back home to North Carolina, ground herself, get her head back on straight and start working towards her goal of moving to New York City. 

This girl knows how to accomplish her goals, whoah! 

So Lilly relocated to NYC then in July her life fell apart when her dear friend Aidan died. 

What came next? 


Enjoy this radiant soul. 



GUEST: Lilly Statzer

Guest contact information:


  • Lilly’s mom Angela Statzer is the co-founder of the More Moss to the People movement! 
  • Lilly is now 21 years old, living in Brooklyn, NY how did she get here?  
  • Lilly chose a different path than her friends, not the “normal” path of a 4 year college. She first chose to move to LA to be a model. Then what happened? 
  • Started from scratch, knew no one, started going out to meet people.
  • “You can get in a deep dark hole there and I did.” 
  • “It was completely my fault I had that experience”.
  • What Lilly feels her parents had given her as a foundation towards responsibility.
  • “I can’t live like this. I was worried about the wrong things.”
  • Moved home to NC, needed to ground herself, worked hard and saved all her money so she could move to NYC. 
  • “If you want to do something, do it! You can find happiness anywhere. Don’t give up. ”
  • Lilly moved to NYC and loves her new life.  Good work, nice friends, becoming more creative, even started cooking. 
  • Life defining moment: in July 2023 Lilly lost a dear friend of hers Aidan Murphy in a car crash. 
  • While working through her grief, Lilly decided to finally start her dream of creating her own jewelry line. She would call it seven7fifteen15 in honour of Aidan’s death date.
  • No more excuses when Aidan passed away. “You don’t know when your time is. Life is so short, it can be taken away from you in a second.” 
  • “I see him all the time.” Butterfly story. 
  • When she started the IG page the first and only name that came up to follow was Aidan. 
  • A portion of the proceeds from her jewelry sales go to Ukraine.
  • Parents and legacy. Lilly feels she owes everything to her parents, they are her ‘awesome support system’. 
  • “Encourage people to do what they want and happiness is the goal”. 
  • “Do what you want and don’t be scared. It will bring you the happiness you’re looking for.”

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