From Loss To Love: Overcoming Grief And Embracing Life After Losing A Spouse, With Dyann Campbell

By Åsa Nilsson | Apr 12, 2024

Listen in to hear Dyann’s journey of losing her husband when she was 52 … to not wanting to live or get out of her own bed … to now creating powerful programs for women to FEEL FABULOUS NAKED! 

From pulling herself out of the vodka laden fog, into singing to the music on the radio. By taking one step at a time, Dyann is now choosing to love herself and her life again.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Just hold on. 

GUEST: Dyann Campbell

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  • Sinead Fine and meeting in her online group, Tarot for Women.
  • Normalizing talking about death and dying.
  • Spoken openly about death and dying in with Eric before he was diagnosed.
  • Dyann works as a therapist and counsellor
  • “7 years ago I thought my life was over, I wanted it to be over”. 
  • Dyann’s husband Eric died when he was 55. 
  • What Dyan’’s life looked life after Eric’s death? A lot of Vodka, rubbish food and avoiding phone calls and texts. 
  • Dyann realized she had to get a hold of herself or she would kill herself by choking to death on her own vomit. 
  • She discovered who her friends were and weren’t. 
  • 16 months after Eric’s death she found herself singing to a song on the radio. Turning point. 
  • ”Eric would want me to be happy”. 
  • “I love myself. I love my life”. 
  • The digital nightmare that you have to go through after a death. Tip: have these discussions beforehand. Like NOW. 
  • Dyann moved into a new home and has been slowly getting rid of Eric’s belongings bit by bit. Still has some things to move out, after 7.5 years. Note: There is NO rush to do this work! 
  • “I am ready for a new relationship. I’m ready now. I love myself and I want someone else to love me the way I want to be loved”. 
  • Dyann explains about her upcoming new program for women to FEEL FABULOUS NAKED! WAHHH! This!! I love this!
  • “I’ve always been a hugger. Now I hug tighter.”

I love Dyann’s parting thoughts. I hope you will listen in. 


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