Feeling untethered in this dark moment of the life – death cycle.

By Åsa Nilsson | Dec 29, 2023

Host Name: Åsa Nilsson

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  • Final episode of 2023.
  • A year of heartbreak. Haven’t experienced a lot of loss in my immediate family so far.
  • Dec 24th my beloved brother in law Jay passed away.
  • Feeling unsettled and untethered. I’m going to need a moment to recalibrate my bearings.
  • Travelling to Houston, TX to attend the funeral in January and enjoy a crawfish boil that was pre-planned by my brother in law and my sister. 
  • I believe we will all meet each other again one day. Reincarnation.
  • Reminder that the moment is now. Get your life in order. TODAY.
  • My Patreon page is coming in 2024 where you can support the ‘More Moss to the People’ movement through a monthly financial contribution or a one time to start with.
  • Happy New Year and thank you for your support this year.

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