Exhibiting courage ESPECIALLY when you’re feeling vulnerable.

By Åsa Nilsson | March 31, 2023

You can’t see but I am crying in this photo … when I was supposed to be relaxing in my meditation. It was nothing the teacher had done, she didn’t even realize I was in this state when she took the photo of me. I was in my own sadness bubble, self soothing, for the state of my lack of purpose at that precise moment. 

I needed to move the energy and I needed to move it quickly as I felt I was under a 50 pound weight. Tears needed to flow.

Being vulnerable and allowing my heart to be open up enough to hear what I didn’t want to hear, to feel what I didn’t want to feel, to be in a state of discomfort until I could get to the other side of it. 

Jesus woman! You have GOT TO START ASKING FOR HELP!

Lie still, Åsa. Be still. Allow the feelings to come. Look at them. Speak to them. Ask them what they are here to show me, learn my lesson then allow them to pass. 

I am safe. I am OK. I will not be abandoned. People want to help me. People want to give me the information I need so that I can create something they would NEED and WANT instead of me deciding that for them. 

The best way for me to learn is to experience it for myself. And I am deep in the learning, my friend. Stay along for the ride.

Host Name: Åsa Nilsson, 

Photo credit: @yoga_nita, Anita Van der Merwe

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Takeaway’s from this episode:

  1. Please share your feedback insights with me. 
  2. LISTENER SHOUT OUTS to @TirzaSchaeferAuthor and @SarahKootvall for being so sweet with their messages about the episodes and how they are impacting them. 
  3. Episodes are created weekly, not batched. 
  4. Topic this week is vulnerability and showing up asking for help. 
  5. My AHA moment this past week while observing my friend @JosefineWanner during her launch.
  6. Åsa’s response to her 5,5 years of no market research. The results of that.
  7. Seeing patterns in my behaviour and looking deeper at them to get to the real truth.
  8. Tears of sadness and embarrassment for not feeling a sense of purpose. Tied to earning money. Yet again! Lessons still to learn.
  9. Now I need your help. Yep, I am finally daring to ask. Please fill in this Market Research form for me. Totally private. Only coming to my email No one else will read it.I promise. I will use this to see about creating an offer that people might actually want to invest in. 🙂  https://forms.gle/fyF1KiMTvLRvpCk99
  10. What if what you are seeking is not actually what you truly want?
  11. Helping an underdog. 
  12. Helping you find your own voice.

Mentioned in this episode:

Denise Duffield Thomas https://www.denisedt.com/podcast

Josefine Wanner, https://www.josefinewanner.com/

Marie Forleo https://www.marieforleo.com/

Kendall Summer Hawk, https://kendallsummerhawk.com/

Bianca Gignac, https://biancagignac.com/

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