Designing your EPIC END OF LIFE PARTY with Tammy Faulds

By Åsa Nilsson | Aug 25, 2023

Grief Coach + Death Doula Tammy Faulds understands the importance of designing

your own end of life party now. Why shouldn’t we? I mean, mic drop, you’re going to

die, so why not be in charge of creating the most epic party you can imagine?

A true reflection of YOU and who you are and how you lived and how you want it to

look. Not some sterile, boring, dark mood and dark music kind of send off.

Imagine choosing to prepare, reframe, open up, and share what we want and how

we want it to look with our loved ones. The benefits of planning for your imminent 

demise now far outweighs the scrambling and stress that will inevitably happen if you don’t.

“Love leads”, my friends. Love leads.

Guest Name: Tammy Faulds

Guest contact Information: 


  • Always having been comfortable discussing grief and loss, Tammy went from Life
  • Coaching to Death + Grief coaching.
  • Tammy works with the Grief Recovery Process, helping people liberate themselves
  • of the pain of their past.
  • Doing death differently. Shining a light on traditionally dark topics.
  • Tammy was diagnosed with cancer as a 6 year old, surrounded by death and grief
  • her whole life. She is very comfortable with the topics.
  • 40 different types of loss.
  • How Tammy defines grief.
  • Finding comfort in stories. Tammy shares an Objiway tradition and an Irish
  • tradition.
  • Finding comfort, feminising death, understanding more.
  • ”The grief of the living propels that boat.” Objiway tradition
  • What are Living Funerals?
  • What is biophilia? How does this tie together with ‘More Moss to the People’?
  • Who is G.U.S.S. to Tammy? 🙂
  • With Tammy’s background in event planning, she’s working on creating THE idea for
  • an Epic End of Life Party! So much fun! YES! Authentic, personalised. And, of course,
  • Prince will need to be involved.
  • Starting a conversation with our loved ones, opening up for this starts with us.
  • How does Tammy get involved as a death doula?
  • ”Love leads”.


  • MAID, Medical Assistance in Dying,
  • Mitch Albom’s Book, ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’.
  • Jeff Orr, @jefforrknows, last week’s podcast guest
  • Prince and the Revolution, “Let’s Go Crazy”, Tammy’s exit song.
  • Earth Wind & Fire, Åsa’s exit band.
  • Some Extra Links from Tammy:
  • Epic Exit Party – the free email series that gets us thinking about how we want to go
  • out
  • What happens when we die? – my article that shares the spoken Objiway tradition
  • My Father’s Wake – the book by Kevin Toolis that shares the Irish tradition we
  • discussed
  • Discovery Session – link for anyone who would like to chat/work with me. 🙂

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