Choosing alignment over validation.

By Åsa Nilsson | December 9, 2022

“The self can not be developed, it can only be realized.”  – Dr. Deepak Chopra 

What if all that was required of us was to simply become ourselves? To realize ourselves versus *working* on becoming something we were never intended to be in the first place.

Åsa dives in sharing her own beliefs around past lives and soul groups. Instead of worrying about what others will think of her, she shares her true feelings openly, publicly, not asking for validation or acceptance. Instead, she chooses to show up aligned within herself. Loving herself first, loving herself most.

How and where can you do more of that?

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Host name: Åsa Nilsson

Company name: Åsa Nilsson Life Coach AB

Takeaway’s from this episode:

  1. How not to network. 
  2. Paying attention to other people’s body language and physical nuances. You can feel so much just by being present. 
  3. Åsa’s belief in multiple lives. Karmic lessons and cycles, righting them now, or you will revisit them again. Reconnecting with someone from your soul circle. 
  4. The top 3 needs for all humans: to be seen, valued and heard. 
  5. Getting quiet. Who am I when I am at my highest and best? Coming back to self. 
  6. Why do we connect with some people in very quick and deep ways? 
  7. Serving others from our overflow, our saucer, never our own cup.

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