Can GENERATIONAL HEALING begin with us accepting and facing our own resistance?

By Åsa Nilsson | Nov 17, 2023

Meet my beautiful friend, JoAnn Higa. Possibly one of the deepest and introspective individuals I have had the pleasure of meeting in a long while. 

This gem is going through a catharsis of sorts, through discovering on a recent family voyage to the families “land” of Okinawa, Japan that a truth that she has felt in her body her whole life was in fact, true. 

Can there be GENERATIONAL HEALING even after hard truths are revealed? Can we look at ourselves and our loved ones with softer eyes in order to experience the resistance so that we CAN get to the other side? 

Listen in… with your heart and see where you can see yourself in this beautiful conversation.

Guest Name: JoAnn Higa

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  • JoAnn feels she is a bunch of contradictions.
  • Looking at her generational healing. 
  • Our moms. Mine is 87 JoAnn’s is 86. Honouring our mothers.
  • JoAnn’s most recent trip to Okinawa with her mother and what she discovered about herself, especially when she returned. 
  • The importance of witnessing and being a part of a family gathering.
  • Old memories, old traumas for her mother and herself.
  • Something about the tie to the “land”, the war, traumatic for the people. 
  • Feeling the resistance, but why? What was it?. 
  • “I wasn’t the joy parents hoped for”. 
  • “Regret, helplessness, vulnerability. I can feel it now. I view this as the beginning of healing.”
  • Her mothers whole story, the explanation. The picture is getting clearer. Trusting myself.
  • “I am integrating right at this moment. Generational healing starts with me.”
  • Not going to ignore feelings. Resistance. Tend to that ‘little one’.
  • Okinawa Watsu Center, a water modality that mimics the sensation in the womb. 
  • Sacred Custodial Care, what does that mean for JoAnn?


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