A Death Doula, DeClutter Guide and a Swedish Death Cleaner sit down to talk about planning for death and dying. What can YOU possibly get out of this conversation?! 🙂

By Åsa Nilsson | Dec 15, 2023

Tammy, Jeff and I are all believers in speaking about the taboo topic of death because we have witnessed what happens when ‘we’ do not.

Opting in to look at our one beautiful life RIGHT NOW and determining for ourselves and preparing for what it is YOU would like the end of your life to look like, how can it be wrong, sinister or voodoo?  

We are opening up the discussion to show that it is simply ‘yet another discussion’ albeit possibly the most important one you can ever start.

GUESTS: Tammy Faulds and Jeff Orr

Guests contact information:

Tammy Faulds

Jeff Orr


  • End of life planning versus celebrations of life planning. 
  • Creating a Playlist for your own epic end of life party.
  • Wholistic approach to the planning for an end of life celebration.
  • Bringing a unique lens to the celebration. It’s yours.
  • Is it appropriate to curse at a funeral? HELL YES, if it fits the bill then we all say YES. 
  • Creating an end of life celebration.
  • The time is now.
  • Stay curious. Remember your values. Embodiment.
  • “Death, It’s not a vampire, it won’t kill you. Invite it in.”
  • No judgement. It’s a process. Having it feel safe.
  • Fears. What happens when we don’t plan or write down our wishes.
  • Screwing it up. Disappointments. Permission to choose yourself, now. 
  • Can we be the chain breakers? Takes courage.
  • Belongings. Be-Longing. “In the end it’s all just stuff.”
  • There’a a big fear around being forgotten. Choosing what to keep and what to dispose of.
  • Sentimentality. Be open to reframing and thinking differently to honour the fears. 
  • Suffering comes from the unknown.
  • Shine a light on it.
  • “Live a life you’ll be proud to leave”
  • I can exhale.
  • Do this with your eyes wide open, not with your head in the sand.

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