Stepping from the darkness into the light.

By Åsa Nilsson | February 17, 2023

The Spiritual Awakening of a 37 year old TAROT QUEEN from Texas who is inspiring and connecting women from all over the world via her powerful YouTube channel. 

Summary of Podcast: From the darkness into the light … Jaclyn Smith shares her story of how she has built a super impactful and powerful YouTube platform where she empowers other women to lift themselves up out of THEIR darkest moments through sharing her own stories and gifts. 

Jaclyn gets to inspire others all the while connecting with in-tune, in-tentional people looking for more connection and clarity in their lives. 

“Sometimes the biggest blessing of your life is right around the corner.” 

So right, Jaclyn, so right. “Go grab it. Go grab your dream.” 

I am, sister. I am in the middle of it right now. Xx.

The guest contact info

Guest name: Jaclyn Smith

Takeaway’s from this episode:

  1. Jaclyn started tarot as a hobby but now she does it for a living on YouTube.
  2. Her following and channel grew very quickly. Jaclyn felt it was “bigger than her”. 
  3. She ‘went ‘ with it, started as a fun side gig now it is her full time work.
  4. She loves being a content creator and helping people across the world wide web.
  5. Jaclyn is named after Jackie O + also partially Jaclyn Smith of Charlie’s Angels fame. 🙂 
  6. (Think about how many people would have had imposter syndrome when the channel grew so fast. Not our Jaclyn, she literally ‘went’ with it). I would have shit.
  7. Jaclyn’s technique for reading tarot cards is very different, she has super loyal fans that are relying on her for love and support every month. How does that feel for her?
  8. Jaclyn starts her day with her gratitude prayers which gets her head in the right space. Her channel is not only a place for tarot cards, it’s a place for talking about life’s hard and dark moments, hurdles and getting through the darkest times.
  9. She leads a grateful support system across the world, where everyone helps each other. She feels honoured to be able to have the role of mamma bear in people’s lives.
  10.  Jaclyn chooses to stay in an attitude of gratitude even when she starts to trail away, she takes her power back and starts her day with intention.
  11.  “Starting my day with gratitude has been a game changer for me”.
  12.  “When I don’t feel loved, abundance, secure, I am thankful for that anyway. What I always need is right there. It’s up to us to flip that script.”
  13. At 33 Jaclyn had a Spiritual Awakening. 
  14. “My life was dark before the age of 33, it was up to me to turn it around.”
  15.  Boundaries. Learning to say no more often and being more intentional of my own life. 
  16.  After 4 months on YouTube she achieved her Silver plaque for 100,000 subscribers. Her next goal is to achieve the Gold Plaque for ONE MILLION SUBSCRIBERS. LET’S HELP JACLYN GET THERE!! 
  17.  “Don’t give up on yourself. Sometimes the biggest blessing of your life is right around the corner. If you truly believe in yourself, it will happen. Go grab it. Go grab your dream.”

Mentioned in this episode:

Therese Eriksson Videographer that introduced me to Jaclyn’s channel

Whole Foods Market, Grocery store chain in the USA. Jacyln’s ex employer.

Boundary Boss, Åsa’s GO-TO Boundary book by Terri Cole. LOVE!

The Container Store, office section inserts for her tarot decks

Steven W. Garcia, Jaclyn’s LOGO creator (she also has one of his art pieces tattooed on her arm). Follow him on Instagram: @art_offical_industries

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