By Åsa Nilsson | Mar 01, 2024

After traveling to paradise (Chania, Greece) last week with my two girlfriends, I discovered something that has been elusive in my life as of late. Laughter. I mean, deep, soulful, tearful laughter. The kind that bubbles up so easily when you are with people you love and whose company you really enjoy. 

Experiencing such simple beauty in the local people, the delicious food, the time spent having deep and long conversations about important topics like dreams, life, hopes, love and family. 

What’s the most important thing in my life? My husband and our relationship. 

Spending time together choosing our happiness first. Choosing to live life now. Not one day. Not allowing others to determine our lives FOR us. 

No. Life is now. 

Swim in the sea. Eat the food. Open your eyes and your heart. Trust that everything will be revealed in its due course. It always has. And it always will.

It’s my job to have the vision and to be clear, not vague or unconscious.

I am now North Star clear. Are you? 



Host: Åsa Nilsson

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  • Traveling to Chania, Greece with 2 friends, what was that like?
  • When asked to go, what was my initial reaction? Patterns.  
  • When the decision was made to go, all of the sudden everything became easy.
  • Am I getting too stuck in my habitual responses? 
  • My husband is leaving his work in June. Is it reckless? 
  • “Well, I have a job and I really like my coworkers’. Is that enough?
  • I have a Masters in Observation. 
  • Thomas is who I want to spend my time and life with, working together with Swedish Death Cleaning! Why not?!
  • He’s my 2 meter tall man, my viking, he can move mountains. 
  • Becoming 100% North Star clear. 
  • Is everyone else deciding our lives for us?!
  • Chania, the builder, the materials, pride of country, eat the food, swim in the Mediterranean. What else am I not doing, not exploring, not seeing?
  • We perceive we are in a cage yet the door is not even locked. 
  • Feeling outside? Don’t belong, don’t matter? Not rich enough?
  • Abundance is a frame of mind, not an amount of money in your pocket.
  • Don’t judge a book by its cover.
  • We must lead to show others that it’s OK to choose yourself. To have peace now. Our process has begun.

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