My spiritual journey with alcohol.

By Åsa Nilsson | June 02, 2023

THE THOUGHTS AND OPINIONS IN THIS EPISODE ARE SOLELY MY OWN. If you feel you have addiction issues, please go seek help. You deserve it. Xx.

Alcohol has slowly been creeping more and more into my day-to-day and I am officially over it. 

Gross little drug that when used properly is lovely. 

When used in excess, causes hurt, shame, sickness, broken families, embarrassment and guilt. And that’s on a good day!

Listen, I am ALL IN for celebrating life but what has happened slowly but surely in my life is that every day drinking has become completely and totally normalized…. now THAT is no bueno for me because I don’t like the way I FEEL.

Perhaps balance is possible? Maybe it isn’t. Only way to know is to look at it and talk about it. Without shame. Maybe you can relate?

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Takeaway’s from this episode:

  1.  Åsa, why are you obsessing about this topic? 
  2. I lived in the US from the age of 5 to 43. Early in my teens I started drinking alcohol. 
  3. Age 13 I quit drinking alcohol only to take it back up again at 30 
  4. Didn’t drink but smoked cigarettes to beat the band (drug of choice) throughout high school and college.
  5. Uptight, controlled, controlling, judgmental all those years. 
  6. At 30 I started slowly introducing alcohol back into my body and life. 
  7. Drinking in the US was an ant issue because “everyone did it”.
  8. I thought this was normal. Until I was shown something else. 
  9. Sweden, zero tolerance for drinking and driving. Which I love. 
  10. The amount of mental energy that alcohol now takes in my life is exhausting.
  11.  Wake up in the middle of the night, brain off and running.
  12. When I went to my 50 year health control check up, how she reacted.
  13. Antidepressants + anti inflammatory medicines and alcohol. How does that work? 
  14.  What do I do if I don’t drink? Had to look back to when I quit smoking. How did I do that? Had to find a mentor.
  15. “I was a derelict of a child”. Side note: I do NOT blame my parents.
  16.  One of my best friends who considers herself an alcoholic never wakes up in a fog, never wakes up with guilty feelings. I want to feel like that!! She’s my hero! 
  17. Asking myself … how do I FEEL? Blindly drinking on a Tuesday night. No consciousness around it, just doing it out of habit. 
  18. “Help me see, God, what I can not see”. Went to the skin doctor to get some help with the eczema around my eyes. TRUE STORY! 
  19. No alcohol for 9 weeks. So, yeah, will I stop breathing if I take a glass of wine? Seriously?!
  20. Time to wake up, Åsa. Look at YOURSELF and your daily habits and determine for yourself… do they make you feel good? 
  21. Look for the BALANCE in life.

Mentioned in this episode:

  • Jade Paunovich, Good Morning Sunshine cup. Follow her at @JadeFashionSherpa
  • Bella lips #ilmakiage (colour called Bella).
  • My skin doctor in Sweden, if you need a skin doctor and you are in Västerås, reach out to me, I will give you his name.

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