“I hand picked all of this. I had to say so many goodbyes”.

By Åsa Nilsson | Feb 16, 2024

Meet my entrepreneur friend Erica. She has one of the most creative minds I know, runs her own company AND has made a bold decision to take a full time paying job! 

Why is this important? 

Erica is raising her son on her own, finishing up her studies and working on bringing in new business and watching her savings account dwindle. 

That’s tough on a single mother, let alone anyone! 

After 5 years, enough was enough. Erica’s nerves were shot and she needed some reprieve. Balance was needed and quickly! 

Erica finds herself de-armouring her old ways and creating balance through creating good routines for herself. All scheduled so she can “float” in between. 

Taking bold steps to create a life SHE wants… THAT’s so MOSSY of her!

GUEST: Erica Söderberg

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  • Erica feels she is in her head and yet still uses a lot of her creativity.
  • Finding balance has been a long process. From working in fashion for 20 years and having to be ‘on the game’, the stress was not far under the surface.
  • Erica has a strong soul led side that was pulling her in another direction. 
  • Her own illness as a child, her sister and best friend dying, she had to search for a way to find a way to heal herself from the inside. 
  • Son was born and then she crashed into a wall. Went into a depression and saw she had to slow down.
  • Darkness. She had to use all her tools to drag herself up. 
  • Moving from a human DOING to a human BEING. What does that mean? 
  • What does it mean for Erica to “Give Up”?
  • Helping herself and her nervous system with taking a paying job WHILE she runs her own business. Not either or but an AND.
  • Setting herself up with good routines and de-armouring her old ways.
  • She now surrounds herself with the people she really likes and wants to work with.
  • “I had to say so many goodbyes”. 
  • “We walk each other home”. 
  • Removing what is NOT you. 
  • Letting go of parts of herself that she liked. Why? 
  • “I feel like I have more when I have less”. 
  • Energy medicine, what is it? 
  • “You are the light. All of you. Just take away all the clutter”.


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